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How an NFL Linebacker is Tacking the Business World

While some sportsperson has the desire to be the best in the game, some take a step forward not to limit themselves to the football field. Derrick Morgan, who is an 8-year-veteran linebacker of Tennessee Titans, took up a new endeavour to invest in startups and run his own businesses. With the right networking opportunities, he is making huge progress today.

huge progress

The party organizer and executive VP of VaynerSports, Justin Giangrande, mentioned in one of his interviews, “the only thing that’s impressive to professional  athletes is billionaires and CEOs, and the only thing that’s impressive to billionaires and CEOs is professional athletes.” He also mentioned that if we bring both the groups together in a single environment, we can only expect good things from it.

Vayner Sports, run by Derrick Morgan, does not follow the traditional way to do business. It was started under the advisory of marketing experts and industry disruptors, Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk. The agency is known for making player’s brands popular on and off the field. Instead of making the orthodox contract negotiations to talk only about money, VaynerSports chooses the “partner in life” approach, while adding marketing and post-career guidance to the mix. VaynerSports already has many high-profile clients including Braxton Miller from Houston Texans and Morgan.

Derrick Morgan knew about VeynerSports even before he got signed for Tennesse Titans. He began following Gary on social media and check all his podcasts and videos. He respects Vayner’s entrepreneurial game. Derrick Morgan’s rookie season was a disaster for him as he tore his ACL and had to sit out for a year. He was also scared that he may not be able to play again, so he did not want to take any risks of going broke. So he made the decision of investing in himself outside the game.

outside the game.

Morgan was always interested in business, but he had a different career to pursue. Finally, when he has the time in his hands, he leapt into the business world with VaynerSports. He borrowed the best-selling business books from Barnes & Noble and developed the pattern of thorough studying. For this, he even had to break his habit of playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. He says he wanted to use this one year in learning as much as he could. He took the help of his financial advisors to explore as much as he could, which he feels irritated people.

As Morgan’s knowledge expanded, his quality of network also grew. He started investing in various tech startups while he also gained a degree in MBA from the University of Miami. Today Mogan has co-founded Huddle Ventures, which helps athletes in monetizing their influence and gives a platform to empower the young, minority entrepreneurs.

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