6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Sports

Sports can be inspiring to many whether they enjoy watching it or love to play it themselves as a recreational activity. It is a great motivator to push ourselves to the limits while going through success and failure without giving up. Sports is also dramatic, real, and unscripted, which can be a true motivational booster for people. Studies have found that entrepreneurs who love sports get benefitted from it in several ways, as mentioned below.

Success needs the right attitude

Many times the new athletes who make an interesting debut do not attain steady progress due to poor management and work ethics. The Entrepreneurs who have a winning idea may get the right support and recognition, but they also need the skill to take the idea forward. They require the right discipline and the ability to handle the pressure.

right attitude

The best player is not always the captain

We have come across several great players who did not make good captains. Even though being at the top of their game, they lacked the leadership skills to manage the entire team and hence did not quite enjoy the burden of team management. As a team grows in a start-up, the leader needs to take new responsibilities which can interfere with the work of a skilled team player.

Everything starts from zero

Entrepreneurs often feel that since they performed well in their previous jobs, it will be easy for them to score well in the future. But just like sports, everyone will have to start from zero and do all the things all over again to reach success. Starting with a new idea needs fresh strategies leaving the previous success behind.

Cannot win without teamwork

Sports always teaches to play as a team and the arrogance of doing everything on their own. The team is always before self in sports, and that is how it should be for the entrepreneurs as well. As the start-up grows, the team grows, and different functions will need to be handled by different people. An entrepreneur must make sure that the entire team is moving in the same direction together.

Diversity enriches the team

Diversity enriche

A good team is formed by people who can perform different tasks. In a game of cricket, there are bowlers and batsmen, and together they all are also fielders. Similarly, a start-up also needs people with diverse skills who can also come together to take up challenges together. An entrepreneur should build a diverse team instead of hiring clones.

The defence is as important as attacks

Aggressive gameplay makes the game interesting and often leaves the opponent surprised, but during the tough times, it is the defence that saves the game. When the business is doing good, one should not forget to invest time and money in building the right back up plans for the company. During times such as recession, the resources may fluctuate, and a good defence strategy can save the company through the tough times.


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